Thanks for taking the time to visit my campaign website! I love getting to know my constituents and it's important they get to know me as well. That's why you'll find me out knocking doors, making calls, and hosting meet-and-greet events. I am a mother, an attorney, and policy-maker with a passion for public service. I want to know how I can best represent you in Helena!

~ Cynthia


Accountable to th...

I will fight to ensure our elections are free and fair and that everyone has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Campaign donations should be transparent and limited. I strongly oppose the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United that 'corporations are people'. I am running a grassroots campaign with broad support from the PEOPLE in my district, people like you and me. If elected, I will cosponsor legislation to keep our democracy pure and and our lawmakers accountable to the people.


Good-paying Jobs ...

Small businesses fuel our economy in Missoula and across the state. I will support good-paying jobs in growing, sustainable industries. Too many of our educated, hard-working residents have to leave the state to find work. We must cultivate the jobs of the future, including those in the high-tech, green energy, and healthcare sectors. I support vocational funding and funding for Missoula's College of Technology. I will also support good state policies so that Missoula's breweries and entertainment and tourism sectors continue to grow.


Fulfilling our Po...

All children deserve an education that challenges them to reach their fullest potential. They deserve safe buildings, nutritious food, up-to-date text books, and teachers who are valued and motivated. Did you know Montana is one of the only states without public pre-K? I support Governor Bullock's proposal to fund pre-K education to give our little kids the best chance in life. I also support keeping college affordable for all students - no college graduate should begin a new career saddled with overwhelming debt.


Keeping the Gover...

Like most Montanans, I strongly value our individual civil liberties. We must make sure the government does not come between us and our doctors. We must be able to make the medical decisions that are best for ourselves and our families, including family planning and end of life decisions.


Dignity for All M...

All Montanans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, and who they happen to love. I believe no one should be evicted from a home or fired from a job simply for being gay, and support a statewide ban on this type of discrimination. We are better than this, and our laws must reflect our values.



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